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Professional Appraisal Reports for Estate Settlement

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Settling an estate can be both complex and stressful. The executor usually has the responsibility of carrying out the instructions of the estate. 

Our goal is to act expeditiously and professionally in providing appraisal reports that accountants, attorneys, and executors can depend on. We provide residential appraisal reports that are USPAP compliant, well documented and supported, which typically comply with the necessities of the courts.

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New York State Certified Appraiser

Settling an estate often requires a detailed appraisal report to show and support fair market value of the subject property. We are familiar with the requirements needed to perform a retrospective appraisal, with an effective date and fair market value matching an exact date in the past. The ethical obligations listed within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) binds us to confidentiality, certifying the strongest degree of privacy for our clients.

A documented report is required to support the methods the appraiser used to arrive at their value conclusions. This type of report will clearly substantiate your claim that the value conclusion provided in the report is well supported.

An executor, attorney, and accountant will be pleased with an appraisal report from Tri Borough Appraisals. The report will provide facts, and a well supported value conclusion to deal with revenue agency requirements.

Dan Bitz, Senior Appraiser & President of Tri Borough Appraisals, Ltd. A full time residential Real Estate Appraiser, practicing locally since 1983. New York State Certified, with the comprehensive know how and competence to provide clients with reliable value conclusions. Qualified to appraise anything from a small condominium unit to a large luxurious high-end residence.

Prospective clients please note, it is of the utmost importance to consider verifying the appraisers competence and integrity prior to engaging their services. Shopping for the lowest fee may not be the best approach in locating a competent professional appraiser to value your property. Reach out to us for additional information regarding this topic if needed.   

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